Designed in Holland, Space Scooter® was an instant success when it came on the Dutch market. Space Scooter® - mania took shape in The Netherlands, followed by the rest of Europe.  Space Scooters are available in Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, the US, and Canada. Currently, one out of three kids in The Netherlands owns a SpaceScooter®.

Space Scooter® is safe, sturdy, adjustable in height and pliable for easy transportation and storage. It comes in two models: Junior (4 - 8 years) and Regular (8+ years or max 200lbs). SpaceScooter® complies with multiple quality standards. For the US, SpaceScooter® is certified ASTM-F2264 / F963 by InterTek.

Lionel Messi rides a SpaceScooter®!

Apart from being a cool ride, European parents love SpaceScooter® for its stimulation of gross motor skills and sportive engagement. Legendary soccer player and 5-time FIFA Golden Ball Winner Lionel Messi rides a SpaceScooter® and is our ambassador.