March 10, 2017

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I want to make sure I have the kids and my husband covered and lastly, my daughter, This year, she is getting a very special treat, the little lady is 9 ½ and loves sporting activities like biking and skating and this year, for Valentine’s day, she is getting the next step after biking and skating. She is getting a super cool Space Scooter.

Space ScooterX580

The Space Scooter X580 features an award winning design crafted with quality materials. The sturdy scooter has a great middle point between a bike and a scooter. The Space Scooter is faster than a traditional kick scooter and since it can fold for easy storage, it is more compact than a bike. This is a really big plus for people, like yours truly, that have limited storage space…It also makes it a lot easier to transport.

Setting up the Space Scooter

The scooter is pretty much put assembled, but you will need to adjust some pieces in order for the scooter to function properly and for obvious safety reasons. You have all you will need to set up your scooter included in the box.

Two ways to ride…Twice the fun!

You can use the Space Scooter propelled forward by pushing the board with both feet in an active teeter-totter motion, or you can use it as traditional kick scooter.

Getting used to riding the scooter in teeter-totter motion setting can take a little practice. The scooter is recommended for kids ages 8 up and adults.

Kids that already know how to ride a bike might have an easier time getting used to the scooter, the weight limit on the scooter is 200 lbs. So you bet Mom is going to be riding it also!

The height of the handle bar is adjustable to provide a custom setting for ease of use and safety.

The handles are cover with soft foam that helps keep the grip and also makes riding more comfortable.

I especially like that since you have to pump to get the scooter going, this is actually a nice exercise. I do recommend kids wear protective gear at all times as the scooter can be very fast, and yes…SAFETY FIRST!

The scooter features a handbrake and air suspension for extra safety and control of the scooter.

Made with sturdy quality materials, these scooters are designed to last. The Space Scooter X580 has a convenient kickstand and is available in a variety of color.

For younger children, the brand offers the Space Scooter X360 for kids 4-8 years old.


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