November 19, 2016

I am just as thankful as the next guy to be doing this thing called life in the 21st century.  I love all of the modern day conveniences and I’m extremely thankful I don’t have to trudge outdoors n the middle of the night to relieve my bladder.  However, we all know with the good comes some not-so-good.  These modern day conveniences, while they make our life easier, have caused us to be stationary a lot of the time.  It’s so easy to let hand held electronics, phones, and TV babysit our kiddos while we slave away.  I was beyond thrilled to get the Space Scooter®! Fun and exercise rolled into one package!

This scooter makes kids put down the electronics and get outside to enjoy some fresh air.  It’s really an ingenious concept:

The Space Scooter is an awesome innovative scooter, propelled forward by pushing the board with both feet in an active teeter-totter motion. It’s able to go faster and further than any conventional scooter, just pump and go!”

You can use the pump method or the traditional push off method.  Either way, it’s loads of fun and exercise!

This is a Christmas gift for my 13 year old (on a sidenote – How is it possible that I have a teenager, y’all?!?).  I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so I decided to give it a whirl myself.  Verdict – this thing is addicting.  it’s super simple to fold/unfold for storage and even this thirty something mama could manage the teeter-totter motion and stay upright.  The ride was surprisingly smooth after I got the hang of the motion.

The Space Scooter is available in many color options and comes in two different sizes, to accommodate even the youngest tots.  If you have any soccer lovers in your home, soccer superstar Lionel Messi has been caught on  The Space Scooter himself. 

I love the fact that the Space Scooter is extremely well built.  It’s not like many of the lightweight flimsy scooters kids ride.  I highly anticipate this gem lasting many many years at our house!

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