November 17, 2016

Take a scooter, crank up the coolness 100% and you get the SpaceScooter.  The SpaceScooter was designed in Holland and has been a top selling toy in Europe.  Now it’s making its way to the United States and kids are going to love it!  The feature that makes the SpaceScooter the most unique is that there are two different ways to ride it.  The first mode is as a traditional kick scooter and the second mode is as the SpaceScooter.  When riding it as a SpaceScooter, the deck (where you stand) raises up and moves the scooter forward as you rock your feet back and forth.  We recently received our SpaceScooter and lucked out with Saturday being an unseasonably warm February day.  My kids and I took our new scooter out for a test ride.  It took a little learning to get everything adjusted and figured out, but once we did, it was all good.  Fortunately for this grown-up, the weight limit is 90kg (almost 200 lbs) and the steering tube has adjustable height, so I got to try it out as well.  It was really fun!  In traditional kick mode, you realized that this is a quality scooter.  It’s a smooth ride and well balanced.  It has a left hand brake, air suspension, and folds up when you’re not using it, so it takes little of your family’s precious storage space.  As a SpaceScooter, it’s not only really fun, but takes the joy of riding a scooter without the constant pushing off.   The SpaceScooter is a fun twist on an old classic.  Recommended for ages 8 and up (there is a junior version available as well for ages 4-8), it retails for $149.95.  Check it out at

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