November 19, 2016

My son is a scooter boy. He never cared much for learning how to ride a bike, so scooters have been his transportation since he was a toddler. He was recently sent the Space Scooter X360 and let me tell ya, forget everything you know about riding a scooter because this. is. awesome!

The days of putting one foot on the ground and pushing forward are over. Space Scooter X360 takes that slow tiring ride to another level with it’s hybrid scooter/bike power. Powered with a unique “Pump & Go” action, riders can zip around with two feet on board. Basically you sort of seesaw back and forth to boost the scooter up to 17mph, without any electric power.

We live four blocks from my son’s school and Space Scooter is handy on those busy school mornings when he’s running late. He also loves hopping on to ride around the neighborhood and visit friend’s houses. It’s way easier for him to ride than a bike, and a lot more fun too. For my husband as well! This scooter holds up to 200lbs and you can bet my husband got on, and said it was cool. 

One of the things I love about Space Scooter, is that my son doesn’t even realize the extra exercise he is getting. He loves his video games but in the last week, he’s been heading up to the school park almost every night, and staying a lot longer than normal. I hope that continues because I’ve been struggling with trying to find him new things to do. Score for Space Scooter X360!

Space Scooter X360 is currently available in two color options, pink and blue. With a weight of 13lbs and the ability to fold-up, it’s great for riding to school and taking along on vacations.

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