November 01, 2016

In an effort to get kids off the couch and out from behind their electronics, Space Scooter® ( is embarking on a nationwide tour with their highly anticipated Coast to Coast Challenge. Encouraging kids to embark on the #SpaceScooterMovement and tracking the total combined miles at each event, the tour will introduce America to a brand new way of “scooting.” 

At the event, kids will be able to experience a Space Scooter® for themselves as they’ll ride on a custom made track, complete with a mix of terrain and US landmarks.  Each child’s ride time will be filmed, tracked and added to the official Space Scooter® Coast to Coast Challenge accumulator, which will display the cumulative distance covered throughout the tour. 

I had a chance to interview to learn more.

Why is play so important for kids?
Play is essential to the overall development of a child. It’s how they learn to engage and interact in the world around them. For a child to become a well-rounded adult, they need all different types of toys. From toys that stimulate their imaginations to tech toys to even toys that get them up, active and moving like the Space Scooter. 

How does it benefit kids to incorporate movement into play?
Children need to get up and active. By incorporating movement into play, this helps children to develop important gross motor skills. The Space Scooter in particular helps with coordination, endurance and overall strengthening. Once you’ve mastered how to use the Space Scooter (which doesn’t take long at all), children and adults won’t even realize that they are exercising since they will be having so much fun.  

How can parents encourage their kids to unplug and play?
Parents can encourage their kids to unplug and play by doing an activity with them. Space Scooter is a great example of a fun activity in which the entire family can partake.  Just grab the Space Scooter and head to the park, boardwalk and simply go outside. 

What is the #SpaceScooterMovement?
The #SpaceScooterMovement is an effort to help inspire children to get out from behind their electronics and discover a new way to move and have fun outside. By getting kids to join the Space Scooter® movement we’re encouraging them to get up, get active and get outside!

What makes the Space Scooter different?
What separates us from the competition is what’s under your feet. Instead of a flat deck, the Space Scooter has a pump & go system that looks and moves like a seesaw. To keep or build your momentum, shift your weight back and forth between your feet to pump the deck and keep the wheels moving. Try it, it’s fun!

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