March 10, 2017

Space Scooter, Valentine Day Gift for Kids

If you haven’t heard about the Space Scooters, then chances are you don’t have kids. They’re very popular around here and on YouTube. I have smart TV’s in every room so the kids can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime videos on them. What do they want to watch? YouTube. They spend hours watching strangers hatch their Hatchimals, looking for new moves for their HOVERBOARD, watching life at the Bratalyeys (I’m still in shock about Caleb’s death, and yes, I did cry right along with the kids), and every single video they can find on Space Scooters. Nothing new gets by these kids. I feel like a pro when it comes to knowing what the latest and best kids gifts are. According to the kids, the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift would be a Space Scooter. 



So, that’s what they’re getting. 

After receiving a Space Scooter for review purposes, I’m a mom with a plan. You see, I know that I won’t have to ask the kids if they want to go on a walk anymore. Of course, they’ll want to go so they can ride their new Space Scooter. I know they’ll have to be patient until it’s their turn but it’ll be worth the wait. I see a lot of drawing straws or flipping coins in my future. Why the space scooter over other scooters? First of all, because they’re fun. If you’ve watched any videos of them on YouTube, you’ll see that they’re just plain fun. Fun is fun. Whereas a normal scooter is slow to ride, these scooters are faster. The kids are going to be getting their daily exercise without even knowing it. Our new Space Scooter is my sneaky way to get them off of all of their devices. Not only do the kids get to ride it, so do I. While they’re in school, I’ll be riding up and down our sidewalk and around our walking track, getting my own daily exercise. You could say the Space Scooter is a “2 for 1”. I am patting myself on the back on that one. 

Head on over to the official Space Scooter website to read all of the news about the space scooter, then pick out your color on Amazon. 

Just as soon as the weather clears up here sometime next week, I’ll make a video of the kids riding their new Space Scooter. Right now, the only thing we’re riding out is a tornado watch, and these kids have nothing but their new Space Scooter on their minds. Click on the link to watch Kelsey go. 

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