March 20, 2017

photo: Space Scooter


1. The Space Scooter

What it is: A next-level scooter that uses seesaw-like motion to propel forward. 

Why we love it: You can use it like a regular kick scooter to get around but when you want to take things up a notch, you release a lever that elevates the back of the kickboard. The next thing you know you are balancing and making a back-and-forth motion with your feet—and it’s moving you forward. It comes in two sizes, so grown-ups can get in on the fun too (and it’s a thigh burner so a great way to stay fit while having a blast!). The entire thing folds down for space-saving storage too. This is not your average kick scooter! 

Good to know: The Space Scooter Junior (X360) is $99 and for kids ages 4-8 (weight limit of 130 lbs.) and the Space Scooter X580 (Regular) is $149, with a 200-lb weight limit. The handle height is adjustable as kids grow taller or if you want to switch between kids. 

Ages: 4-8 and 9 and up